Advocating for Social Good

When was the moment that you decided to pursue your passion? Was it a decision you made as a young adult, or was it something that got lost until your adulthood? Or, is it a choice that you still need to make? Listen to "A Celebration of You" Podcast with global leader and coach, Holly Dowling and her interview with Jennifer Dooley. Holly is an incredible mentor and coach for leaders around the world, including the United Nations Foundation Girl Up campaign. We'll share the story of how Dooley Social Change was first formed, including how the business is rooted in creativity, understanding people and a passion for social causes and issues. Listen in as Jennifer shares the amazing advice th

A Passport to the World: Lycée Louis Pasteur

Lycée school was established in 1966 with the goal of preparing students to become responsible citizens and leaders in a global community. Fast forward 50 years, this foundational concept is not only more applicable, but essential as our global community and network of citizens expand. The ability to learn a second language, is most successful when children are provided with the foundation for learning at a young age. Furthermore, youth who are provided with bilingual teachings are prepared for diverse and adaptable forms of communication in the future, creating enriched travel experiences and opening the doors to career opportunities they may not otherwise have had. Our work involved qualit

Talking Noise Protection for Deaf & Hear Alberta

There’s no doubt about it — we live in a noisy world. With increases in noise pollution and use of personal listening devices, it comes as no surprise that hearing loss is the fastest growing, and one of the most prevalent, chronic conditions facing Canadians of ALL ages. Coupled with a lack of understanding of hearing damage and hearing loss, it is estimated that 1 in 4 Albertans will experience hearing loss, and at an earlier age than ever before. Deaf & Hear Alberta is taking the lead on this important health issue by educating and bringing awareness about the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss and the negative effects that losing hearing can have on your quality of life. In partnershi

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