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Rattlestick Brand Engagement: Enhanced Visibility in Digital Spaces

Strong digital strategies don’t happen in isolation. When working with a new client, we proactively work together to outline goals, objectives, and critical success factors. And, we take strategic planning one step further by tailoring every piece of the strategy to align with the client’s brand, values, target audience, and untapped opportunities.


Meet Rattlestick: shaving tools and accessories for the untamed man. Each razor and brush is hand-crafted in a Canadian studio, prioritizing local and ethically sourced materials.


Rattlestick had a strong brand and website experience, but little online engagement. Our challenge was how to marry artisan with luxury and bring life to the Rattlestick brand on digital platforms. We also wanted to connect Albertans to the quality experience of traditional wet shaving products.


The first step? Connect to customers in a meaningful way

The brand was introduced to a local business award called Made In Alberta to showcase the ingenuity of their product line. Voting for the award took place in the summer; where Rattlestick was considered a finalist in the Craft category.

Develop key messages for social media

We provided Rattlestick with key messages to use on social media for their own promotion and to share with their retailers as supporters of their brand. We took over online product marketing for one month to increase local awareness of the brand and encourage people to engage with the brand by voting for their products. Key messages were promoted alongside stand out visual content.

Consider the customer journey

We created a blog to share tips and tricks for wet shaving, and an enhanced e-commerce experience based on the steps for shaving. Customers found their shaving story and were then matched to a specific artifact razor and brush, followed by options to select creams, soaps, aftershave tonic, and beard balms. For female shoppers, they were led to gift sets and stands.

We also helped the brand consider a new name for an entry-way signature product line: Apothecary by Rattlestick. This new line was designed to create a connection to the brand as part of the target audience's community, shared values and rituals. This initiative included a partnership with breweries, an enhanced website experience, and a new e-commerce look and feel.


We moved the brand from static online social media presence to one that shared its story with the world and engaged Canadians who value adventure, artisan products, and quality experiences.

Rattlestick won the Craft Category, Made In Alberta Award. A part of this success was due to the increase in digital awareness and online engagement. With the free promotion that came with the win, Rattlestick now has a solid online experience for users to engage with and a strong base to continue its growth.

One of our biggest lessons from this work was the importance of finding ways to allow the brand to unfold in the audience’s community. Integrating the product in local spaces, using a personalized online e-commerce flow, and promoting shared brand values helped to create organic connection to audiences that drove increased visibility and sales.

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*Partnered with Rebecca Zahn Consulting and Aldona B Creative.

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