Delivering Critical Client Insights

With a passion for using research to uncover critical behaviour change insights, Jennifer is a research geek at heart. She has worked in the fields of advertising, marketing research, and social causes for over 10 years, contributing to climate-conscious sustainable brands, ivy league universities, women’s rights, health, government, arts initiatives, and private industries for clients in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Jennifer holds a Ph.D. in Social Marketing, specializing in digital media from the University of Wollongong and a Master of Science in Health Promotion Studies from the University of Alberta. She has resented at 11 academic, professional, governmental and global NGO conferences in five countries (seven by initiation) including the Innovation for Leadership Conference (IT University of Copenhagen), Women's Leadership Conference (University of Calgary) and the World Social Marketing Conferences (Brighton, Dublin, and Toronto). In her spare time, Jennifer is a Partner for the United Nations Girl Up Campaign, actively promotes local business as well as sustainable fashion, and loves to spend time in nature or traveling.

Jennifer Dooley, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant

Customizing Evidence-Based Digital Strategies

Rebecca Zahn is a social media strategist with a keen focus on creative industries. Her trademark macro-level approach blends wide, interdisciplinary research with the flexibility and mobility of her clients’ brands. The result is a perfect fit strategy for the innovative, evolving world in which she works. From arts festivals that dare to dream, to tourism that champions the best of Calgary, Rebecca’s work reflects her passion for local while embracing global trends and awakening social movements.
Rebecca is currently a board member at Mental Film Festival, OK Social and Principal of Rebecca Zahn Communications. 

Rebecca Zahn
Social Media Strategist

Human-Centered Research & Design

Kathryn Arnold is a social marketing strategist with a borderline obsession for human-centered design. Curiosity and the cat may have a troubled past, but this Kat leads with curiosity and a large imagination. With over seven years of experience in healthcare and community development, she combines her expertise in market research, facilitation, and behavioural theory to create robust strategic plans. Combine this experience with her flair for branding and design, and you get creative outcomes that compel audiences and make a big impact. Kathryn holds a Master of Science specializing in social marketing from the University of Victoria and a certificate in Visual Design from the University of Calgary. She is currently a volunteer committee member of the Social Marketing Association of North America (SMANA), and Principal of Kat Arnold Social Marketing Services.  

Kathryn Arnold, MSc.
Research & Strategic Planning Associate

Creating Audience-Specific Designs

Whether starting from scratch or revitalizing a brand, Susan always begins projects with one focus — to create a perfect reflection of the power and potential of a clients business. As co-founder of Bizaz Media, Susan challenges herself to create results that command attention in the marketplace and build long-term relationships with each and every audience.  

Susan Chavez
Graphic Designer

Storytelling with Passion + Purpose

Felicity Kitson is a copywriter with a passion for telling stories for the greater good. For the last five years, she has worked in the fundraising sector, crafting copy to save endangered species, buy hospital equipment for sick kids and bring safe water to disadvantaged communities. She's so grateful to have found this niche where when she can use her writing skills to make a difference. 


Felicity has also spun words and ideas for a range of other sectors, and for creative agencies, government bodies and corporate clients. She writes with clarity, impact, and authenticity. That's because she's a self-confessed 'word nerd', who won’t rest until she's nailed just the right style and rhythm for a brand, message, and medium.

Felicity Kitson