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The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Clean Technology Initiatives

Business to Business (B2B) clients looking to partner with sustainability companies are seeking groundbreaking solutions that marry sustainability and profitability. A strong social media strategy, coupled with evidence-based and engaging assets, can provide true value to audiences working in the sustainability sector.


Cap-Op Energy Inc., one of Canada’s largest clean technology companies was invited to speak at COP25: The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Madrid last December. The topic? Cap-Op Energy’s Methane Abatement Project Platform (MAPP for short). MAPP is a data management and decision-making tool that allows operators to collect and validate field data, identify and execute the lowest-cost methane abatement projects, and document their progress in real-time.

We needed to find a way to create awareness and interest in MAPP and bring its untold story to life in anticipation of COP25 where it would be presented to global audiences by the President of Cap-Op Energy Inc, Alastair Handley. The challenge was to differentiate Cap-Op Energy in the digital space and inspire audiences' interest in clean tech sustainable solutions.


Get visual

A series of graphics were developed and used in multiple spaces: the COP25 conference presentation, on social media (in posts and through digital advertising), and on Website landing pages. Original and curated modern photography was also sourced that spoke to innovation, sustainability, and clean technology. All graphics, iconography, and photography used bold pops of colour and connected with audiences through tones of being modern, realistic, optimistic and uncomplicated.

Go where the audience already is

Our focus was social media platforms that offered sustainability, clean tech and innovation news: LinkedIn and Twitter. We implemented evidence-based case studies, shared social proof stories, undertook scientific and financial impact storytelling and connected with sustainability leaders worldwide by sharing key messages relevant to their business needs. All visuals were coupled with stand-out messaging about Cap-Op Energy’s products and services, team expertise, and global sustainability expertise.

Implement a marketing funnel to nurture leads

Landing pages were created that offered visitors the opportunity to learn about MAPP in action and read a case study that puts the technology into context. Visitors could schedule a MAPP demo and register for the COP25 session. This approach helped arm B2B audiences with global best practice and provided them with an opportunity to diffuse the MAPP solution within their organization.


Brand awareness and interest were achieved in the first week and a half of the campaign with spikes in webpage visits and social media profile views, engagement, and followers. For example, compared to pre-campaign - we saw an increase of 7,350% in new profile visits to Alastair Handley’s Twitter handle. Cap-Op Energy Tweet impressions also increased by 1,237.5% (reaching 18,500 people) and their LinkedIn post impressions increased by 955%.


In the short period of the digital campaign (n=2 weeks), awareness and interest generated helped to move interested B2B leaders to schedule a MAPP demo and visit the landing pages. In total, 18 leads were garnered and 71% new page views were achieved on the Website.

Lessons Learned

We learned the conversion is influenced by building an online community, one where sustainability stakeholders can engage in content that both addresses their barriers to uptake of clean technologies while also garnering excitement for the path ahead. We’re now focusing on continuing to share global best practice through uptake of clean technologies by organizations and communities worldwide.

Learn more about Cap-Op Energy and MAPP here.

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To learn more about Dooley Social Change, get in touch with us here.

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*Partnered with Lemonade Innovation Tank, The Creative Patch, Rebecca Zahn Consulting


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