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A Digital Sustainability Strategy Built from Scratch: Meet Radicle

Radicle is an end-to-end environment-care technology company that works with industry stakeholders, partners, and clients to reach their sustainability goals by implementing innovative planet-positive solutions. Radicle's expertise spans agriculture, energy, manufacturing, commercial, and financial industries. We were proud to partner with Radicle to bring forward a story of hope amidst the usual doom and gloom pervading the online environmental discourse.


Radicle recently embarked on a strategic brand evolution, integrating several companies under its new name. Radicle means the first growth of a seed or, as referenced by Charles Darwin, the plant's brain, which receives impressions from its environment and informs its movements. Armed with a new visual look and propelled by an award-winning team, Radicle was ready to bring their untold stories to the online world.


Do the Research & Dig Deep - Social Media Strategy

Evidence-based research informed our strategy as we considered global trends when launching a new name in the social media space alongside Business to Business (B2B) content. We investigated best practices for communicating sustainability solutions to different business sectors, including the how's and why's of online engagement. Barriers, threats, and unique differentiators were mapped out in an actionable social media strategy.

Create a Measurable Behaviour Change Roadmap - Social Media Plan

Our strategic social media plan for Radicle considered the customer journey and decision-making lifecycle when marketing innovative clean technology services and solutions to businesses. We mapped out each step in the behaviour change cycle and tied it to a strategic social media effort. This alignment considered ways to connect and engage multiple stakeholders and ensured accountability through alignment with goals, objectives, and indicators. Content calendars and week to week implementation timelines drove the plan into action.

Diffuse Innovation across Social Media Channels and Bring Social Proof

Storytelling is fused into each online touchpoint through messages about company history, technical expertise, and client or partner success. Brand visibility is brought to life with local and global content about Radicle's flexible and nimble clean tech solutions - including the role of monitoring, validating, and reporting on environmental, social, and governance goals. Whether showcasing the millions of dollars clients receive for implementing sustainability practices or the millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions reduced from the planet's atmosphere, it's all about sharing a message that sustainability is not at odds with prosperity.

Create a Social Media Community by Anticipating Needs

Radicle clients and partners now interact with one another in an online community, supported by scientific and financial data about the climate story. The latest sustainability issues are shared, and followers can participate in the sector's leading events and diffuse thought leadership within their companies. A diverse range of original and curated content includes global trend data in crucial areas such as climate change, renewable energies, zero waste, sustainable investing, environment, and social governance. Posts have a mix of branded photography and videos, sustainability news, thought leadership blogs, financial and sustainability impact infographics, industry events, global conferences, webinars, and earned media.


In the first three and a half months after launch, there were a total of 25,018 page views to the Radicle website. This data shows significantly higher results than website views in the past for the same reporting period: page reviews increased 563.25% compared to the last reporting period, for example. Every month, LinkedIn performance metrics show steady increases in page views, unique visitors, followers, and social media content click-throughs. Between launch in June until the end of October, a total of 30 qualified leads plus additional social media inquiries resulted. Our following grew from a new page with no followers in June 2020 to over 1,000 followers in 5 months, engaging in and sharing our posts.

Lessons Learned - Bring Simplicity to the Message

Simplicity is essential, and we took a traditionally complex message and simplified it. We brought forward a truthful and solution-focused brand message to social media. The digital approach empowered followers with excitement about the path ahead, helped eliminate mental barriers about the uptake of sustainability offerings, and armed them with the knowledge to be part of global best practice. We're excited to continue our work on this important brand and efforts - after all, which each day, we're one step closer to leaving our planet in better conditions than how we found it.

Learn more about Radicle here.

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*Partnered with:

Lemonade Innovation Tank: Client lead & brand strategy:

Daughter Creative and their partners: Brand naming, visual identity, Website, video, graphic assets, and paid advertising:


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