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Focus testing and co-creation to inform a healthy living brand experience for Vivo

In 2018, Vivo set out to design spaces that have purposeful flow and connection, and are modern, flexible, fluid and engage the outdoors. The challenge was to get the people who would be using or potentially using, the facility energized, thinking, strategizing, and implementing healthy living ideas in new and innovative ways.


Vivo is a community hub and innovative active living center committed to inspiring generations to achieve optimal health at home, school, work, in the community and at the facility. While maintaining its focus on healthy living and adding an emphasis on education and innovation, this non-for profit wanted to extend its reach beyond the walls to the broader community supporting individuals of all ages, families, diverse communities, and organizations with a new approach to healthy living.


Focus Groups

We used citizen-focused design thinking, participative design, and co-creation to help Vivo achieve their goals. Focus groups using visual and textual exercises with community participants in north-central Calgary were held. The purpose was to validate existing healthy living drivers and discover new drivers that would inform a Vivo architectural expansion plan and brand evolution experience.


We learned about what “play” meant to our target audiences, about barriers to play, and their goals. Vivo is now incorporating “play” into the lives of each and every Vivo guest. Using the results from our research as guidance, GOOD Company evolved Vivo’s visual identity and brand touch points. Ideas and values from our research were used to inform the brand evolution outside the facility’s walls, and as articulated in the research, “play” became an integral part. The design assets became urban, casual, and spontaneous. Vivo is now equipped with co-created data that is being used to plan programs, strengthen brand messages, connect people in new ways, and ensure expansion plans are aligned with community needs.

Creative Evolution by GOOD Company

Vivo by GOOD Company
Vivo by GOOD Company


Vivo by GOOD Company

To learn more about Vivo, visit their website here.

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*Partnered with GOOD Company & Lemonade Strategy + Branding.

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