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3 Key Elements of our Digital Marketing Process

3 Key Elements of our Digital Marketing Process

To be successful in a digital world, it’s essential to consider how your brand will live and behave online. Over the years, we’ve refined our digital marketing strategies by borrowing elements from psychology, visual advertising, and design thinking.

Here’s our 3 tools of success for digital marketing campaigns.

1. Start by listening. Our first step is to immerse ourselves into the hearts and minds of customers, and understand how they behave as well as connect with brands online. We call on our marketing research expertise to analyze digital conversations and couple our information gathered with a review of existing analytics data to chart and map key insights. If we need more information, we will go beyond our online review and ask target audiences a lot of questions, whether with on-site surveys, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, or observations. These insights help us to develop an effective online strategy that connects people with the brands they love. We believe that research shouldn’t happen in isolation, that’s why we engage our clients in every step of the way and analyze findings together.

2. Harness the power of digital assets and storytelling. Engaging stories have the power to attract and create interest. We are passionate about helping brands find the best way to get their message across and communicate online in a way that connects as well as resonates with audiences. Whether these stories are shared through user generated content (UGC), images, videos, blogs, influencer marketing, or thought leadership - the aim of our work is to create content that fuels the market. And, we document our plans in monthly schedules which showcase clear calls to action - anything from online brand engagement to on-the-ground brand interactions.

3. Deliver and refine. To make sure we are delivering quality content and achieving success, we are always listening and monitoring when implementing a digital strategy, and then refining along the way. Allowing the data to drive each social media campaign is an integral and ongoing part of our process. Areas we review include: ad performance, top performing social content and the impact of the strategy. At the end of the day, it’s about understanding and utilizing the metrics and content that matters most.

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