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Audience Insights For Successful Strategic Planning

Penny Fausta is a new independent pharmacy in West Hillhurst, Calgary that’s taking an innovative approach to improving the quality of life for people in Calgary and West Hillhurst. Dooley Social Change was presented with the challenge: how to successfully marry effective clinical services with brands and products that meet the needs of the community. So, we set out with our creative partners* to solve the challenge. We started with a marketing analysis research review which informed a strategic marketing plan for the local pharmacy.

When developing a strategic marketing plan for Penny Fausta, one of the greatest components of our success was an in-depth audience analysis. We started by really getting to know who their prospective visitors were. We examined all sorts of traits and behaviours including what they wear, what their biggest concerns are, what their health habits are, what music they like, what they eat, what cocktail they might order, where they work, how they spend their holidays, how they travel, what type of characteristics influence their purchasing decisions, and what their community is like. This research gave us a comprehensive understanding to guide the delivery of effective messaging.

Audience insights enabled us to develop an effective strategy and identify significant opportunities for online and in-store engagement. All digital content was tailored to reflect a warm, welcoming feel of the community. After all - at Penny Fausta, we knew that together was better and we were proud to help communicate a pharmacy with knowledge, care, and a personal touch to the West Hillhurst community.

Working with innovative businesses and connecting them with their audience through insights and storytelling is what truly inspires us.

*Partnered with Lemonade Strategy & Branding, Daughter Creative, Rebecca Zahn Consulting, and Shannon Hewlko Design.

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