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Innovating with Virtual Healthcare

Created ‘from scratch’, Wello is Alberta’s first virtual healthcare service that brings urgent and preventative healthcare through video or phone visits with nurse practitioners. The brand was launched in May 2017 in Alberta to busy individuals and families who are on-the-go and often self-diagnose health issues. Our first goal was to build a social media presence online. We devised an integrated social media content marketing strategy and delivered seasonal health information online alongside information about Wello and its key services to. In 2018, a new audience was defined: healthy employees doing amazing things. Meet the modern employee: they want better work/life balance, value fitness and health, couldn’t live without technology, and want more flexible ways to work. Now we are reaching this audience across Canada and spreading the slogan: “Healthy employees do amazing things.” Learn more at

*Partnered with Lemonade Strategy & Branding, Daughter Creative, and Rebecca Zahn Consulting.

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