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Minimalism in Portland & Seattle with Livible

What do you get when you combine a desire to live in the heart of an urban center with the freedom to live with less stuff and the luxury of keeping the things you need and love most? Meet Livible, a unique storage solution for the transient, modern city-dweller in Portland and Seattle. Livible is taking the self-storage game by storm in North America, by only charging customers for what they actually store, not per space, saving them both time and money compared to traditional self-storage methods. What’s more? Through the use of technology and on-demand offerings, their product is the next generation of offsite storage. Our worked for Livible included a depth perspective of untapped opportunities, threats to be aware of, and social trends to consider. In addition, using social listening research strategies, we provided digital marketing recommendations that would resonate with the target audience. The work informed the brand, social media strategy as well as on-the-ground marketing efforts and partnerships. Learn more at

*Partnered with Rebecca Zahn Consulting.

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