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Supporting Dreams with Alberta Sport Connection

There are countless studies linking a person’s involvement in sport to their emotional and physical health. Sport not only keeps you physically active, it helps to build movement abilities, social skills and self-esteem, all of which are precursors for a healthy and happy life.

Sport also keeps communities connected and instills community values such as tolerance and diversity.

The goal of Alberta Sport Connection is to enhance Albertans' quality of life by encouraging active lifestyles and promoting athletic excellence and multi-sport games.

We did desktop research, stakeholder interviews, and strategic workshops to create a brand refresh plan and strategic marketing plan for Alberta Sport Connection. Our ‘Supporting Dreams’ brand plan told the story of Alberta athletes and promoted Alberta Sport Connection as a leader for sporting excellence with coaches, officials and community leaders. Alberta Sport Connection is now using this brand and marketing strategy within the Alberta community.

Learn more about Alberta Sport Connection and how they are Supporting Dreams within our local community:

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