Advocating for Social Good

When was the moment that you decided to pursue your passion? Was it a decision you made as a young adult, or was it something that got lost until your adulthood? Or, is it a choice that you still need to make?

Listen to "A Celebration of You" Podcast with global leader and coach, Holly Dowling and her interview with Jennifer Dooley. Holly is an incredible mentor and coach for leaders around the world, including the United Nations Foundation Girl Up campaign. We'll share the story of how Dooley Social Change was first formed, including how the business is rooted in creativity, understanding people and a passion for social causes and issues.

Listen in as Jennifer shares the amazing advice that prompted her to make a series of life changes in support of her dreams, including her decision to move halfway across the world from Canada to Australia. She’ll share what her pivotal moment was in her career path, what she is currently working on, and her advice for anyone else out there who is considering making the jump to a career that’s outside of the box. She’ll also discuss some of the personal and second-hand experiences that have truly motivated her to drive social change for women around the world.


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